Camping and Hiking Europe

The days of hiking across the European mountains and staying in the wonderful refuges may be a, albeit temporary, thing of the past.

Hike around Europe


As the new normal dawn begins, we wonder what hiking options we may have in the future.

While we don’t currently have the latest regulations from each country in Europe; what we do think is that for those among us that are most keen, you may still have the ability to experience the mountains across Europe.

Whilst the regulations may make it imperative to be well organised in advance, due to the difficulties in ensuring that the guideline can be adhered too; you will need to think outside the box for accommodation.

Options for Hiking around Europe

We will be working to offer the treks based on camping options

This may well exclude 60% of those reading this far, as carrying everything on your back for a few weeks is not for the faint hearted – but rest assured, the treks that you embark on will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Some of the best elements we enjoy from trekking is the local hospitality; be that just the great nature of people, the wonderful local foods or the splendour of the accommodation high in the mountains.

It would be fair to think that most of this will, for the time being, be postponed.  But don’t be put off by this, as the experience of the journey is one that allows us to self-reflect and grow as individuals – in many towns that have supermarkets, you will have the options to fill your rucksack with food to get you through the forthcoming day(s).

Let’s get real for a moment – and cover in brief what this really means before you start to plan anything….and we’ll base this around a Tour du Mont Blanc trip for convenience.

Fed up yet of being indoors...?

Hiking in Europe offers among the best of trekking routes to be found anywhere in the world!


Competence in the mountains

You really need to be on top of your game when it comes to trekking across Europe, and it’s always best to do this with a couple of people if you can – you can share the burden of the extra equipment you need to carry and share knowledge when it comes to making decisions

Understanding the rapidly changeable weather systems in the Alps in critical – this will determine if you progress further today, if you stay put or if you make your way to public transport and make plans to cut your trip early.

Administration is key to making your life pleasant during the trek.  Being disciplined and having a structural approach will certainly make the difference in making your trek a life time joyous memory to reflect on.

This means that you will need to be organised for the days ahead in terms of supplies – remaining eager to get up in the mornings and making a warm breakfast to get your day started, having enough rations to cover you for lunch and dinner!

After what can seem like a long day on the trail, there is nothing that feels better than arriving at today’s destination and settling back to relax and soak up the days experience however; when you arrive at a campsite, your day isn’t quite finished!

First thing is to either pitch your tent, or to get washed and changed into your comfy clothing as washing your day clothes as soon as you arrive to the campsite gives them the best opportunity to be dry for the following morning.  Now it’s time to get onto dinner, and if possible nominate who is on washing up duty this evening!!

It’s about the journey, not the destination

Although at times it will feel like a hardship, long days and maybe even questioning if the trek is too much; take each day at a time and reflect on the progression of the past days and the enjoyment at the end of each day you feel.

If you’re really serious about attempting something like this, then be serious about preparing for it – expect to spend 6-8 hours each day slowly grinding away the miles with a minimum 15kg (33lbs) on your back.

Don’t underestimate the psychological strength required! On average the daily ascent will be over 700m (One of the big days is around 1400m ascent!) and you will need to be mentally strong.


Do I need to carry everything…?

When you are venturing into the mountains, it is strongly ill-advised to do this without being prepared

There are many items that you need, and many that would make life comfortable – but remember that you will be carrying everything yourself….also, don’t pack everything at home and put the pack on your back and be fooled into thinking “it’s not too bad” – try going up and down the stairs for 20 mins…..and did you pack any water….!  At 1kg a litre, it will quickly add substantial weight.

Here is a few of the essentials we are sure to carry:

  • Map(s)
  • Compass
  • Iridium Satellite tracker (so the family know we are safe, and also as a beacon is we need emergency assistance)
  • All weather gear
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Food & Water
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Day clothes
  • Leisure clothes (to wear at evenings while the day clothes are drying after being washed)
  • Sandals (to let the feet breathe)

This all starts to weigh up, and the lightest equipment you can buy is either expensive or may not be completely suitable to you requirements.

This is where many trade-offs are made; if you intend to use the equipment over a few years then it is wise to invest as much as your happy to – after all it is your own comfort and safety at stake!

Walking Holidays Europe

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So why would you…?

There are various reasons that we would totally understand when thinking about going for this; we can only imagine what look many of your friends / colleagues / family would be giving you the first time you mention it!

  • Choices may be limited; the option of staying in a refuge may just not be available.
  • You’ve been looking to set yourself a challenge of both physical and physiological; you just want to see what your made of – and know that there is public transport options if you decide that it’s just not for you.
  • You love the outdoors and you need to get away for a break, and you realise that the hills are calling!
  • Let’s do it for charity; you may be looking for something of a challenge to raise awareness and financial support for a local/national charity.
  • Why not…! The outdoors is the best playground on the globe – a venue to inspire you, and an adventure to live with you forever.

What does Global Trekking offer?

We love the outdoors, and we have a wealth of experience on the treks across Europe and Asia.

When you book with us, you get all the maps and route cards for the trip along with peace of mind as we engage with the campsites and book directly on your behalf meaning all you need to do is arrive and enjoy the trip.

Additionally, if for any reason you think that you’ll not be arriving at the next campsite you can contact us and we’ll update all the remaining campsites updating your itinerary for your expected delay.

For total safety for yourself and family we can offer the use of an Iridium satellite GPS tracker

  • For your friends and family’s peace of mind they can get regular updates on your GPS location – using a shared link from our website.
  • For your safety the tracker has an interactive SOS, giving a 24/7 service and connection with the search and rescue monitoring centre should you need it.

 When you book with us, you have a single point of contact, and total peace of mind so you can maximise your experience with no distractions!

Fed up yet of being indoors...?

Hiking in Europe offers among the best of trekking routes to be found anywhere in the world!